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This represents an exclusive concept of the world’s finest teas made in Singapore, marrying the principles of traditional Chinese tea processing with inspiration from Arabic cultural heritage, and authentic hard-to-find ingredients.

Stretch our imagination. Fort Sanctuary Oudh.2301 is our latest and wildest imagination of what the world’s most luxurious finest teas could be. Reimagine luxury tea.


Imagine the world’s rarest and most expensive tea leaves harvested from the most prestigious plots of tree plants, crafted using some of the world’s most precious and luxurious wood for the most complex firing process.


Wuyi rock-essence teas are some of the world’s most expensive teas. Da Hong Pao, a variant regarded as the holy grail of teas, is more valuable by weight than gold. 


From wooden chips burnt by Sheikhs to honor their guests, to perfuming garments before special occasions and in preparation for prayer, agarwood, also known as oudh, follows a long tradition in Arabic culture, synonymous with luxury, exclusivity and intimacy.

With an intimate understanding of the future luxury needs, emotionally rich brand equity, and unrivaled access to the most precious ingredients, Singapore respectfully incorporates agarwood, commonly referred to as “wood of the gods”, into the art of processing the kingly Wuyi rock-essence tea.

Fort Sanctuary redefines the enigmatic Wuyi rock-essence teas by reimagining the firing process and introducing new complex sensations never experienced before. Oudh.2301 must be one of the most precious and luxurious teas.

Brewing Guide

Water temperature >98 degree Celsius; near-boiling temperature.

Use the right amount of leaves and apply the suitable steep times to bring out the best in the tea leaves, or according to your preference.

There are many ways you may use these tea leaves. We recommend two types of brews – the Connoisseur’s brew and the Normal brew.

Connoisseur’s brew

Using lidded cups or small teapots; 8-10g of tea leaves per 100ml water.

1st – 5th brews: 3-5 seconds
( best performance after 2nd brew);

6th- 10th brews: increase the steep time by 5 seconds for each subsequent brew;

after the 10th brew: increase the steep time by 30 seconds for each subsequent brew.