A Tapestry of Sacred Music


kb lau
fort sanctuary

Mindfulness denotes being attuned to the present experience of which we are part of. Taking the time to slow down and be mindful can make a world of a difference to daily living. 

In 2021. when Esplanade brought Joyful Garden Sangha and Fort Sanctuary (Singapore) together to create a program for the festival, ” A Tapestry of Sacred Music”, we explored the opportunity to bring to everyone an experience never felt before.

In the beginning, we shared our story of how the founders of Fort Sanctuary started with trying to set up a health resort for cancer patients and eventually advocating managing tea plants with special care, with food safety in mind.

We explored how the unique tea experiences at Fort Sanctuary, where the world’s finest and most complex teas transport one to the mountains, could be relevant to the program.

The initial idea was perhaps a mindful tea appreciation program where one would be guided while brewing his tea the traditional way. But we went on to create something no one has quite seen before. The lovely work of Charmaine and Le, from Joyful Garden, was simply inspirational. We were deeply touched.

Participants can now choose to be guided along with two cups of different teas or a brewing experience using the gaiwan, a traditional Chinese porcelain lidded cup.

2 teas

With celebrated terroir, subtle notes and exceptional finish setting the stage, a fresh perspective of a sequence of two cups of teas frees everyone to embark on a unique mindfulness experience.

For the guided mindfulness progam with 2 cups of teas, we first present a medium-bodied and elegant Wuyi rock-essence teas with a soft texture. Tea used here is a variant of our Wuyi rock-essence 516 specialty tea, 516X.746.

Then, the next tea is a full-bodied and rich Wuyi rock-essence 528 specialty tea, bringing warmth as a finishing touch.

lidded cup

Perhaps with no more than a simple lidded cup, we could set ourselves free.

For the guided mindfulness progam on brewing with a lidded cup, tea used here is a variant of our Wuyi rock-essence 516 specialty tea, 516X.746